One issue that merits our attention in Southeast is the Morrow crane proposal for the parcel at 425 Route 312. On the right are simulated views of the proposed 100 foot high tower crane, rendered from three locations with direct sight lines.

Given that this crane will travel back and forth on a rail several hundred feet long, and that blocking foliage will be lacking especially in winter, there will be many more direct lines of sight. Many Southeast residents will have the view of their natural surroundings disrupted by this new industrial structure.

There is an additional problem with the Morrow proposal. There will be many tractor-trailers moving out of the site and onto the highway — at a point where traffic is quite intense — and this will be hazardous for other vehicles and for trains on a railway track nearby.

It is quite possible that Morrow’s tall equipment will negatively impact our town. City government should not accept this development without a full inquiry and public hearings on the wisdom of this proposal.

— Melinda Montanaro